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CJ Silberman

Literary Department

CJ Silberman, J.D. formerly “of counsel” to Melvin M.Belli, has performed on both sides of the San Francisco Bay Area. He then worked as an assistant director on a low budget film, Satan’s Mistress. He has worked with Danny Devito, Cuba Godding Jr, Jon Voight , Robin Williams, Francis Ford Coppola, Philip Kaufman and many others. He brings years of talent representation and negotiation to the fore. Silberman received his film degree from UC Berkeley, his law degree from JFK Law school and his mediation certificate from Stanford Law School. He produced The Injustice System in American-Netflix, Becoming Jody ll-The Coveting, The Absent and most recently Taking Liberty-Amazon Prime.

Dave Marandola

Commercial Department

Dave Marandola, born and raised in Montreal, CANADA. He has lived in Los Angeles for over 15 years, working in the entertainment industry for 10+ years, both in front and behind the camera. As an actor, he has worked on multiple commercials, television shows, and films, independent and studio. His work behind the camera has been associated with directing and producing several short films including his first film accepted to several film festivals and has won awards. His production company is also in development of multiple feature films. His experience as an actor has earned me many personal relationships with casting directors and will help identify what is needed to guide talent towards a successful career as an actor. 

Rennie Cowan

Theatrical Department

Rennie Cowan, MFA/EJD was born in Los Angeles, but raised on a ranch in Riverside, CA. She discovered a niche for the arts that brought interest in going to Film School. After graduating from the prestigious Chapman University Film Programs with a BFA in Production and an MFA in Producing, she later went to Law School to obtain an EJD in Law. Entertainment experience includes work at The William Morris Agency, CBS Studios, Court TV, Babylon 5 (TV series), Sony Pictures Studios, the Screen Actors Guild, and Warner Brothers. Also, as an award-winning Filmmaker, in 2014 she was awarded by the California State Senator for a film directed about Vietnam Veterans. She teaches as a Professor in Screenwriting, Film Studies, Adaptation and Production. As a Talent Agent at Fairy Forest Agency Hollywood, her desire is to promote the arts and artists in Entertainment.

Lexington Fields

New York Networking

Lexington Fields, is the 24 year old, Multi-Media Producer & Co-founder of Creating Local the mixed-media artist collective located in Upstate New York. A creator through the camera, Lexington’s main passion is working hard to support and develop the creative community through mixed media content. Having years of experience in multiple professional industries such as, News, Film, Modeling, Music & more. Lex prefers learning, expounding, and expanding individualism and adding realistic, sustainable progress plans to give tangible success to those he meets. An “aspiring superhero”, his firm faith and devotion to helping everyone he meets earn an opportunity to succeed creates a wake of progress that brings those around him into better.

“Helping people is my passion, and honestly I just feel blessed that I have the opportunity to do so!” – Lexington M. Fields

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